Peter's Life

Obviously (or perhaps not) I'm not going to tell the whole internet all about my personal life but I'll tell you a bit about the public aspects of my non-professional life and use this as an excuse to play with FOAF and XFN.

Sharon Berry

My wife Sharon Berry is obviously an important part of my life. Sharon's a tenured philosophy professor at Ashoka University who recently published a book on Potentialist set theory with Cambridge University Press. If you want to learn more about her achievments visit her webpage.


In spring 2010 I adopted a puppy. Since then, our half border collie/half labrador puppy has grown into a wonderful dog and had the chance to travel all over the United States with Sharon and I as well as spending three years in Israel with us. She's an amazing sweet dog who has turned all her considerable intelligence to herding around her forgetful humans. Though, as I write this, she's hiding from the thunder outside.